Implenia backs digital investment models

In connection with the publication of the latest Implenia modernisation study, a group of experts discussed the challenges currently faced by the construction industry.

In June 2018, Implenia presented its latest study on the challenges currently faced by the construction and real estate markets to Swiss real estate investors, transaction specialists and media representatives in Geneva. The topic of the study is “Urban density: New data. New directions. New opportunities?”

Residential accommodation in major cities remains scarce. The percentage of vacant real estate in the major centres of Geneva, Lausanne, Bern, Basel and Zurich averages a low 0.3%. However, the amount of available residential accommodation in the countryside is growing. Marc Fontolliet, Head of Modernisation Switzerland, also stressed: “One of the future challenges will be providing the best offering in locations with high demand.” The study also addresses the differing expectations of various target groups in terms of location, living environment or the quality of homes and open spaces. Digital investment models can provide answers to these questions.

Rapid advances in public statistics and real estate data enable us to make detailed statements about local quantity structures such as household structures, age groups or income situations. By linking this data to the needs of future tenants, we will be able to develop real estate products that are accurate and tailor-made in terms of quality.

It was exactly these subjects that Hervé Froidevaux, partner and managing director of Wüest & Partner in French-speaking Switzerland, Elvire Massacand, fund manager at UBS real estate find “Foncipars”, Olivier Fazan, architect and co-owner of the firm Magizan discussed in greater depth following the presentation of the study.

You can order the most recent Implenia modernisation study here.

Marc Fontolliet, Head of Modernisation Switzerland, Implenia AG

Reynald Coco, Responsible Modernisation Suisse romande, Implenia AG

Philippe Kaufmann, Head of Real Estate Consulting, Implenia AG