Behind the scenes in Modernisation as a trainee

Lirona Sadriu (17) is a trainee management assistant at Implenia and actively supported the Modernisation Department for six months. We talked to her about her experience, hobbies and the next stage of her training.

How did you find out about Implenia?
I’ve known about the company since I was little. My father then gave me the idea of starting my vocational training at Implenia. So I applied, and in autumn 2016 I was accepted for an apprenticeship.

Why did you choose the Modernisation Department?
I definitely wanted to get a bit closer to our main activity, construction. I’m fascinated by the fact that behind every building, street, bridge or a tunnel there is so much work and so many people. These are huge processes before the finished product is handed over. In six months I was able to look behind the scenes of construction.

«I’m fascinated by the fact that behind every building, street, bridge or a tunnel there is so much work and so many people.»

How was your first day in the Modernisation Department?
I was immediately welcomed and involved in the work. I got to know all my colleagues and was able to have many interesting conversations about our projects and areas of work.

What were your main tasks?
I was allowed to organise the meetings of the Sector Heads, take part and also contribute to many meetings, plan our half-yearly event and support the team in the execution.
I was able to update the submitter and employee lists on my own and help with the preparation of presentations. I particularly liked the fact that I was able to gain insights into many different areas of responsibility and carry out many tasks independently.

What do you do in your spare time?
"Art" best describes my spare time. I love playing the guitar and I sing in a band - I’m frequently playing gigs with them. Drawing takes up a big part of my spare time; especially graffiti, abstract and modern art really appeal to me. I also like taking my dog for walks.

How do you see your future?
First, I would like to complete my vocational training as a management assistant so as to have a good base. Then, I would like to do something involving art or music.

What happens next after your “guest appearance” in the Modernisation Department?
The next department that I’m going to support is Tunnelling in Wallisellen. I’m already looking forward to getting to know a new department and immerse myself in everyday business there. But I’ll definitely miss the Modernisation Department. It has been six instructive and varied months that I have really enjoyed.